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Name:Writing Game
Location:United States of America
Website:Writing Game @ LJ
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[community profile] writing_game is a boardgame community created to make writing fun!
All fandoms, RP and original works are welcome. Members and non-members may play at any time.

This is the DW mirror for [ profile] writing_game. Please either play here or there. You don't need a DW account to play. You can use Open ID to post your comments/moves instead.

[community profile] writing_game was inspired by [ profile] hd_boardgame (with [ profile] pervy_fairy's blessings).

General Rules:

♠ Most of the writing done here is a first draft, so please hold off on the concrit.

♦ Please spell-check and reread your comment before posting it. Feel free to delete and repost a comment if you notice spelling, grammatical and/or canon errors. Or self-comment with the spelling correction. (If you have a paid account, you can edit your comment as long as nobody has replied to it yet.)

♣ Don’t use ALL CAPSLOCK or 1337 spelling unless it's a parody or commentary.

♥ R or NC-17 snippets/drabbles should be labeled as such in your comment's subject line. Warn for major character death, underage, incest, torture and other potentially triggery subject matters at your own discretion.

♠ Include [SPOILERS] warning in your comment's subject line for recent canon development.
SPOILERS warning rule of thumb: one month for comic books, manga, TV show/anime episodes and movies; three months for books and games.

♦ Please be mature and keep an open mind. If you find a particular comment offensive, simply ignore it.
The mods reserve the right to delete trollings and/or wanks.

How the game works:

♣ The game starts whenever a new board is posted and goes on for three weeks to one month. A tally of drabbles and scores from the previous board is posted shortly after every new board.

♥ Your first move is determined either by the “Home” instruction or by rolling the dice (courtesy of [personal profile] rea_saint).

The third alphabet is C, so [personal profile] lilian_cho would start the game on the C square.

♠ Every new move must be posted as a new comment in the game's entry.

♦ Include your fandom in the subject line. For original just put "original."
e.g. +3, Y +2, Harry Potter
+5, J +2, Original (Winter's Stone)

♣ You may switch fandoms/worlds whenever you first pass 20 points, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then free for all.
e.g. Total points: 19. Complete a +3 prompt.

This brings you to 22 points. At this point you may switch fandoms/worlds. Good Omens to Merlin; LotR to original; original to Bleach, etc.

♥ Complete the instruction in the square you land on to go forward and earn points.

♠ Player's Choice square: You may use up to three prompts, as long as they’re in the same row.
PC squares have two sets of categories: [Noun - Verb - Adjective/Adverb] OR [Prompt - Action - Character]. You have to follow these prompt categories. If you use a prompt outside its category, you will lose 1 point.
Player's choice Box A North/Up
Noun Verb Adjective/Adverb
Sea +2 Calm +1 Vast +2
Bullet +2 Haze +3 Tangerine +1

Your drabble uses "calm" as an adjective: a vast, calm sea. You earn 4 points instead of 5 points.

♣ Picture square: You may use up to two prompts, as long as they’re touching each other (either top to bottom or side to side).

Note: For prompts A-Z, there are sometimes two prompts you can choose from. You may write for both prompts, but you only get points for one instead of both.
e.g. Character: Beautiful +1, Prompt: Blink +2

You can write about a beautiful character who blinks, but you can either:
a) earn 1 point and move forward 1 square, OR
b) earn 2 points and move forward 2 squares.

♠ The difference between 'prompt,' 'character,' and 'genre':
"Genre" = the classifications you would find in a bookstore.
So "Genre: Young Adult" means write something that would be classified as a Young Adult book/ a book with young adults as audience.

"Character: Young Adult" means one of your characters have to be a young adult.

"Prompt: Young Adult" would be more open to interpretation. You may simply incorporate the phrase in your snippet/drabble. You may treat it as a theme and not include the phrase at all in your drabble. One of your characters may be a young adult. And so on.

♦ If you choose to ignore the instruction in the square you land on, you won't lose points but you must go backward.
e.g. Prompt: Unresolved sexual tension +3

If you write a snippet/drabble, go forward 3 squares.
If you don't, go backward 3 squares.

♣ The word count of each comment must be 50-200 words, unless specified otherwise (e.g. Post Secret, poetry, haiku, grocery notes, Tweet, etc.) If you go over 200 words, you may go forward but you will not earn points for that move.

♥ Special Features: Post Secret rules and Doors Challenge rules

Affiliated Communities:

(To be an affiliate, contact one of the mods at [personal profile] lilian_cho or [ profile] benebu)


FPF disclaimer: Canon characters are not the fanfic writer's property. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

RPF disclaimer: Events portrayed are fictional and do not reflect on the people portrayed in the stories. No libel is intended.
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