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Board and prompts by [personal profile] lilian_cho. Picture square prompts are from The O.C.

This board is also posted on Livejournal. You may play on either site.

The goal of Writing Game is not to make multiple rounds around the board, but to accumulate as many points as possible.

You may switch fandoms/worlds whenever you first pass 20 points, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then free for all.

e.g. Total points: 19. Complete a +3 prompt.

This brings you to 22 points. At this point you may switch fandoms/worlds.

Always go clockwise unless you are going backwards because you skip a prompt.

You can Teleport to a Player's choice square. Tele Point only double the scores (and not the number of squares) of your next three drabbles.

All the general rules can be found in the user profile. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Star icon by Indeepop.

Home Start on the first letter of your fantasy summer destination. (Or your real summer destination, by all means.)
Player's Choice Choose from the Player's choice tables below.
Yellow Star Choose from The O.C. table below.
A Prompt: Angry +1, Character: Adult +2
B Prompt: Blue +1, Blueprints +3
C Prompt: Cushion +1, Cushy +2
D Prompt: Decade +2, Character: Depressed +3
G-N Write any prompt from G to N.
E Character: Emotionless +2
F Genre: Fairy Tale +3, Character: Fairies +2
G Prompt: Grade +1
H Prompt: Hesitate/Hesitant +2
P-W Write any prompt from P to W
I Prompt: Indecent +2
J Prompt: Jog +2, Character: Jogger +3
K Prompt: Kleptomania +2
L Prompt: Lime +1
X-F Write any prompt from X to F
M Prompt: Misery +3
N Prompt: Nest +1, Character: empty-Nester +2
O Prompt: Overindulge +2
P Prompt: Plan +1, Popular +3
Q Prompt: Quiescent +2
R Action: Rebuke +3
A-Z Write any prompt from A to Z. Double your score and the squares you move forward.
S Prompt: Salt/Salty +2
T Prompt: Treasure +1
U Prompt: Unsteady +2
V Prompt: Vortex +3
W Prompt: Wipe/Wiped +1
Tele Point Teleport to any square on the board. Double your score for the next three drabbles.
X Prompt: eXplore +2, Character: eXplorer +3
Y Prompt: Years +1, golden Years +2
Z Write about the side effects of medication/alcohol/caffeine/chocolate/catnip/your-character's-substance-of-choice +3

Player’s Choice Boxes:

Choose the box corresponding with the line color you wish to go. You may only choose the line that has a different color from the player’s choice square you are on.

Choose one of the prompts. You may combine two or three prompts for more points, but only if they belong in the same row.

Player's choice Box A Red
Prompt Character Action
Boundless +3 Energized +2 Strike +1
Crescent +3 Troubled +2 Feed +1
Time-out +2Useful +2Comfort +2
Grapes +1Calculating +3Side with +2

Player's choiceBox BYellow
Pitter-pat +2Medic +2Suffer +2
Speechless +3Flat-chested +1Swim +2
Mushroom +2Musician +2Leer +2
Incentive +2Cranky +3Shape +1

Player's choiceBox CGreen
Medal +1Blustering +2Heal +3
Merchandise +3Winner +2Box in +1
Crossbow +2Host +2Perch +2
Crumbs +3Passive aggressive +1Wreck +2

Player's choiceBox DBlue
Brunch +2Possessive +3Hide +1
Claimed +3Spastic +1Cheat +2
Potato chips +2Chief/captain +2Grin +2
On the flip side +2Witch +2Move up +2

Picture Square: You may use up to two prompts, as long as they’re touching each other (either top to bottom or side to side).

The O.C. quotes +2 each
1. You find my slender swimmer's body, um, intimidating.2. Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds.3. I said I wanted to marry her, not date her!
4. Why is that ninja smoking a cigarette?5. Don't you remember when we were kids? No one could keep us apart.6. What are you going to do? Steal a car? Burn down a house?
7. Just because you're leaving doesn't mean I'm letting you go.8. I have to use a lot of descriptive insults to give voice to my inner pain.9. I'm sorry, I thought you were the evil step-monster.
10. Not now, Mom, I'm studying naked.11. You know, in psychology, I think that's called transference.12. So you guys will be in here and I'll be on the other side of this soundproof wall.
13. just an allergic reaction to the universe14. Look at all these people, these normal, non-traumatised people - in relationships, in love.15. Wow, he came back, people never leave and come back.

Home, C +2, Marvel

Date: 2016-02-10 03:28 am (UTC)
lilian_cho: Merlin in X-Men gear (Telepath!Merlin)
From: [personal profile] lilian_cho
Real annual summer visit: Canada.

I was trying to write Steve/Tony but ended up writing bb!Tony and Uncle Charles instead. *shrugs*

Prompt: Cushy +2, 150 words

"Isn't he heavy, Charles?"

Tony looked up from his position in Uncle Charles' lap. He was five and five-sixths, but he was small for his age and could comfortably curl up there.

You're fine, dear.

"He's hardly heavier than Raven's monster cat," Charles said. "And I hardly have any feeling in my legs."

Mr. Lensherr's lips thinned. Half a year ago, such a comment would have resulted in a full-body flinch. Progress, Charles’ mind-voice said.

Tony nodded his agreement.

He liked Uncle Charles, almost as much as Jarvis. Thank you, dear. Uncle Charles let him ride in his lap while they zoomed down the mansion hallways. When he grew up a bit, Uncle Charles promised he could add jet propulsion to his wheelchair.

Let’s start with the spare wheelchair, shall we? Erik won’t be happy if you accidentally break this one.

Tony pouted, but he supposed even genius needs practice.

Re: Home, C +2, Marvel

Date: 2016-02-10 03:29 am (UTC)
lilian_cho: Arthur kicks football, Merlin receives with his face (Football v. Merlin's face)
From: [personal profile] lilian_cho
And it's been more than 8 months since I posted this board (and since I wrote anything) ahahahahahah...

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